August 12, 2010

Fall Women's Studies Classes

Hi everyone. Here is an email I received from Leandra about some amazing women's studies classes this fall. I've taken a class with Meredith and she is one of the best instructors I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. If you are interested in going to grad school for Women's Studies, I think Researching Women & Gender would be a great choice! Please, spread the word amongst your friends.


Hello Girls Studies' students :) I am writing because UCF is offering a couple excellent new courses for Fall you might be interested in. Meredith Tweed, our new Instructor of Women's Studies (an incredible teacher--I highly, highly recommend her), is teaching the following courses (descriptions below). Girls and Leadership is an excellent complement to the Girls Studies' course you recently completed. Please spread the word so students can sign up and we can continue offering diverse classes to WS students at UCF. If you have any questions about either course, contact Meredith Tweed.

WST 4002 Researching Women and Gender, MWF 12:30-1:20
(no class meetings on Fridays--Fridays are module assignments)

“Researching Women and Gender” is a three-credit-hour course that explores feminist and women’s studies scholars and how those scholars conduct research.The class includes a series of guest lecturers from an array of disciplines that will showcase how they go about research pertaining to women and gender. Also, students will conduct their own research projects in their own area of interest in Women's Studies, culminating in a series of class conferences that display student work.
Fridays will be reserved for Library Research Modules.

WST 4021 Girls and Leadership, M 6:00-8:50

This course asks students to look not just at girl’s studies or at leadership development, but specifically to study the ways that leadership, as a discourse, shapes, confines, and constructs girls and the ways that girls speak back to, redefine, and/or are constricted by those discourses. As such, we will begin by placing girls leadership within the context of youth leadership theory and girl's studies.

June 10, 2010

"Crisis Pregnancy Centers" = Leads to Crisis

Can you imagine facing an unintended pregnancy and accidentally going to a facility staffed by anti-choice volunteers when you thought you were visiting a legitimate health center?

This scenario sounds like a bad joke, but there are more than 4,000 such organizations, known as “crisis pregnancy centers,” nationwide.

If you have never heard of a crisis pregnancy center (CPC), you’re not alone. They have operated under the radar for decades.

That’s why we’re launching an online quiz that unmasks these fake clinics. Find out if you can spot a CPC. Take our short quiz today.

CPCs pose as legitimate women’s health-care clinics. But most are unlicensed and unregulated organizations staffed by anti-choice volunteers. Many CPCs intentionally misinform women to block them from choosing abortion.

There is probably a CPC close to your home. With more than 4,000 across the country, they are everywhere, from Seattle to Brooklyn, in politically progressive and conservative communities alike.

Could you spot a CPC if you had to? Take our short CPC quiz to make sure you never accidentally visit one or suggest one to a friend.

Thank you for all that you do to protect a woman’s right to choose.

My best,

Nancy KeenanPresident, NARAL Pro-Choice America

May 18, 2010

Sex and the City

Claims have been made that Sex and the City is helping the feminist movement by showing women who have been sexually liberated.
What do you think?

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day AND Happy Birthday to the Pill!

Today is Mother's Day. If you are lucky enough to have a mother who is living, in your life, and/or a positive role model, I hope you hugged her, called her, gave her a sappy card, or spent the day with her. Here are a few great things on the Internet about Mother's Day and feminism:

A Very Special Mother's Day Event at Tiger Beatdown: I really love Tiger Beatdown because it is fun and hilarious to read. I hope you like it, too.

The Longer I'm A Mom, the More I'm Pro-Choice by Robyn Marty at RH Reality Check

Mother's Day is for Feminists at Bitch Magazine: I especially love the tribute to my favorite fictional mother/daughter duo and TV feminists (I don't recall there ever being a specific mention to the Gilmores being feminists, but I do remember Rory having a pro-choice poster in her dorm room!)

It is also the 50th anniversary of The Pill. Now, the pill is not without its problems and Margaret Sanger was a racist, but uh, besides that mess, the pill is awesome, if you're okay with hormonal birth control. Thanks, birth control, for providing us with reproductive freedom!

With that said, I am thankful for my mother and for the pill. Both have helped me tremendously throughout my life. Hooray!

Meet & Greet

Meet and Greet for week of 5/10 cancelled.

May 7, 2010


I'm still working on posting the rest of the 'zine pages to the blog (check it out! --> but I have to figure out how to convert some of the files to .jpg so it's awhile. I think most people gave permission to upload them, with a few who had amazing pages but wanted to remain anonymous. I'll hopefully get them all up by the end of the weekend! Everyone did an amazing job. I miss this class already :)

May 4, 2010

1st Girl in Major League Baseball?

I just read this story. Thought I'd share with my "virtual" home girls. ; )

This girl is an amazing athlete. She plays in Little League with the boys - not softball "for girls". She throws a pitch nobody can hit and she's got a great batting average. She's in Plant City, Florida. Check it out.

March 29, 2010

3rd Wave Feminisms Alumni Blog

This blog was created to continue the discussion from our WST3561/Third Wave Feminisms class. We wanted a place to post interesting articles, discussion, upcoming events, etc. once the class is over. Let me know if you would like author privileges!