May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day AND Happy Birthday to the Pill!

Today is Mother's Day. If you are lucky enough to have a mother who is living, in your life, and/or a positive role model, I hope you hugged her, called her, gave her a sappy card, or spent the day with her. Here are a few great things on the Internet about Mother's Day and feminism:

A Very Special Mother's Day Event at Tiger Beatdown: I really love Tiger Beatdown because it is fun and hilarious to read. I hope you like it, too.

The Longer I'm A Mom, the More I'm Pro-Choice by Robyn Marty at RH Reality Check

Mother's Day is for Feminists at Bitch Magazine: I especially love the tribute to my favorite fictional mother/daughter duo and TV feminists (I don't recall there ever being a specific mention to the Gilmores being feminists, but I do remember Rory having a pro-choice poster in her dorm room!)

It is also the 50th anniversary of The Pill. Now, the pill is not without its problems and Margaret Sanger was a racist, but uh, besides that mess, the pill is awesome, if you're okay with hormonal birth control. Thanks, birth control, for providing us with reproductive freedom!

With that said, I am thankful for my mother and for the pill. Both have helped me tremendously throughout my life. Hooray!

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  1. YES. I agree with you-- hooray for Moms and Birth Control :D